Personalize Your Audience

AskLily’s technology uses information on a person’s style

to virtually enter women’s closets, and understand

their aesthetic and taste.

Our algorithms study each consumer’s style and preferences, combine this with more data that

we collect on the user from other places along with

our AI technology, we are able to provide them

a personal selection from the first second they

enter the online store.

we use image recognition technology in order to analyze and automatically tag each clothing article with a deep description of fabric, shape, color, fit, etc.



Automatic-Tagging Machine

based on 

Shape, fit, color, fabric, etc.

Shoppers Data Analyze

sizes, body shape, style,

and other preferences

Styling System

Recommendation engine based on styling rules and user personal preferences

An intelligent styling system based on 3 services

A Cross Web


AskLily is a first cross-web shopping profile,

where once users share their preferences,

it continues learning with every interaction

and travels with you between sites.

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