When Artificial Intelligence Drives Retail Purpose

and Creates an 

Exclusive Experience

of the Consumer Emotions, Words, and Style

We are Helping Brands

Create a One-on-One Experience with Their Users by Connecting Their Style with the Product They are Looking for.



Boost your conversion rate with AI engine

Create efficiency, order, and simplicity on your site.

AskLily has enable Artificial intelligence search engine to learn the semantics and expectations of the shoppers that really matter, the ones impersonating your brand.

We help brands and retailers increase customer engagement,

boost conversions, and reduce cost.

We do this by implementing our AI Recommendation machine together with an automatic tagging system based on style and body shape.

Instead of randomly browsing the web, our algorithms study each consumer’s style and preferences, combine this with historical data, along with our AI technology that analyses each clothing article and auto-tagging it, we are able to provide each shopper with a personal selection of fashion items tailored to their taste, on every site they visit

Easy & fast solution

External connection
Easy implementation
Custom user
Final execution

How does it work?

 Image recognition technology too deeply analyze your product catalog (shape, length, fit, neck, fabric, etc.)

Analyze shopper’s


 (sizes, body shape, styleׁׁׁׁׁ) combined with historical data

Recommendation engine based on styling rules and shopper’s personal preferences

All your targets in one place

Boost your conversion rates
Reduce your returns
Increase engagement
Increase accuracy

Learn All About the Technology that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Audience

AskLily’s technology uses information on a person’s style

to virtually enter user's closets, and understand their

aesthetic and taste on every site they visit.

we use image recognition technology in order to analyze and automatically tag each clothing article with a deep description for fabric, shape, color, fit, etc.


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Tali Hamdi

Co-Founder & CEO

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Dana Saggy

Co-Founder & CMO

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Micah Kaminer

Co-Founder & CTO

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